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Microstar PZ BIO is the first micro-granular fertilizer in a chemical mixture associated with a biological technology, which enhances the nutrition of crops and adds life to the soil.

Microstar PZ BIO is a micro-granular fertilizer formulated to synergistically integrate chemical and biological nutrition: it provides essential macro and micronutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, and zinc, together with four types of bacteria.

These bacteria –of the genus Bacillus– multiply the development of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, producing biostimulant substances that promote plant growth. Additionally, bacteria associate with the roots of crops (endophytic relationships); they enter and exit to deliver the nutrients in the fertilizer and release metabolites, which make the nutrients in the soil bioavailable

Rapid dissolution and availability of nutrients and bacteria supplied with the seed, without generating phytotoxicity at the recommended dose.All microgranules have the same composition, which guarantees a uniform distribution of nutrients and applied bacteria.Coformulation of organic acids that provide extra protection to the phosphorus fraction of the fertilizer.Starter fertilizer: it favors rapid crop establishment and minimizes intraspecific competition giving early vigor to each plant.EXCLUSIVE FROM THE BIO LINE Microstar PZ BIO is enriched with live bacteria, which generate substances that act as crop biostimulants and improve the bioavailability of the nutrients provided and those in the soil. Bags of 20 kg and Big Bags of 600 and 1000 kg. Sunflower - Soybean 20-30 kg/haMaize 20-40 kg/haWheat - Barley 30-40 kg/haPotatoes 30-50 kg/haLegumes 20-30 kg/haPastures and Turf 20-40 kg/haFruit trees and other woody crops 50-100 g/m2 Microstar PZ BIO Rizobacter Biowish