Combines the inoculant technology of Rizoliq Dakar, which promotes an effective nodulation in environments with high temperatures and that are dry; and the protection of the fungicide seed treatment Maxim RFX Maxim (Fludioxonil 2,5% + Metalaxil 3,75%), with a wider control spectrum, specially with Oomycetes. The most selective for rhizobium (nitrogen fixating microorganisms) and the greatest residual effect of the market.


Each pack has a box of 3 two L bladder of Rizoliq Dakar

3 bottles of one L of Maxim RFCs; to treat 3000 kg of seed.

Application Rate
    100 mL de Rizoliq Dakar + 50 mL de Maxim RFC. 150 mL/50 kg of seeds

It ensures an excellent compatibility between products of chemical origin and products of biological origin, optimising each of their performances. 

In this way, it guarantees a more effective nodulation, greater Biological Fixation of Nitrogen -even in conditions of abiotic stress of high temperatures and water deficiency - and greater health of the seed and the crops during their initial stages.

Pre-Incoluation of Seven Days

*Maxim RFC is Syngenta registered product.

Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq Dakar

Rizoliq Dakar is an inoculant specially designed for soybean production under extremely stressful conditions of minimum water availability and high temperatures.

Seed Treatment
Maxim RFC

A seed treatment with wide range of pathogen control, which combines two active principles: Fludioxonil 2,5 g y Metalaxyl-M. 1,0 g.