An adjuvant formulated on greasy monoramified etoxylated alcohol (AGE). It is a tension active and moisturizer that improves the coverage and contact of the agro-chemicals over the foliar surface. It is free of Nonyl Phenol.

With a total biodegradation superior to 90%, it works improving the coverage and adherence of the agro-chemicals over the foliar surface, increasing the efficiency of the products to be sprayed.

It has a concentration of 48% of its active ingredient. This high value sets it apart from the rest of the co-adjuvants of its category. The AGE have also shown to be very good dispersers of particles, collaborating with the stability of the broth

  • Ensures a quick distribution over the surface of the leaf.
  • Produces a uniform coverage of the foliar surface.
  • Lower foam production.
  • It is free of Nonyl Phenol and Benzene. Friendly to the environment and humans.
  • All crops
10 1 L bottles each.
Application Rate
30-50 cc each 100 L of water or broth to spray