Rizoliq LLI Garbanzo es un inoculante líquido, a base de bacterias Mesorhizobium ciceri.

Rizoliq LLI is a Mesorhizobium ciceri bacteria-based liquid inoculant for chickpeas that provides a practical application, an excellent distribution, and a high capacity to sustain on-seed bacterial survival for a longer period (up to 60 days), even in treatments that are complemented with our chemical seed treatments.

Specifically developed for professional seed treatment, it offers the best solution to enhance crop nutrition by combining Rizoliq LLI Chickpea inoculation technology and Premax LLI protector, guaranteeing bacterial survival and optimal crop emergence.

  • Allows an anticipated professional seed treatment (up to 60 days), even combined fungicides and insecticides, due to its high compatibility with our chemical seed therapies.
  • Ensures an adequate bacterial load on the seed.
  • Allows an exact dosage. The professional seed treatment ensures a homogeneous dosage per seed.
  • Simplifies the sowing process significantly.
  • Includes Osmo-Protection Technology.
  • Chickpea
Packaging for 2000 Kg of seeds.
Box with 1 bladder of Rizoliq LLI Chickpea inoculant of 8 L + 1 bladder of Premax LLI protector of 2.8 L.
Application Rate
200 ml inoculant + 70 ml protector/50 Kg of seeds