Is an inoculant that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of microorganisms on the seeds.

The inclusion of osmoprotective substances in its composition (TOP Technology) allows for the improvement of the physiological state of the microorganisms, an increase in the concentration and its survival on the seed.

It contains 1x 1010 microorganisms/per ml during the elaboration process and 1x 109 microorganisms/ per ml to the expiration date. Its formula, based on Brady rhizobium japonicum, ensures that the root of the germinated seed be infected quickly, in this way accelerating the process of Biological Fixation of Nitrogen. It allows for the treatment of the seed 20 days in advance without the need of tallying any extra additives. If applied with a seed treatment, it can be done seven days in advance.

  • Greater concentration of microorganisms and greater stability in the container.
  • Greater protection on a cellular membrane level so as to reduce microorganism desiccation.
  • Greater microorganism survival on the surface of the seed.
  • Greater adaptation to adverse environmental conditions, such as hydric and chemical stress.
  • Soybean
5 L Blister
Application Rate
200 mL / 100 kg of seeds