Curative used for the treatment of cereal seeds formulated with wide range fungicides (Difenoconazole 2,5% + Fludioxonil 2,5% y Sedaxane 5%) plus an active insecticide ingredient (Tiametoxam 17,5%).

The fungicidal action of Difenoconazole, Fludioxonil and the exclusive Sedaxane molecule have complimenting and selective action modes for the seed. The Tiametoxam insecticide provides it with the necessary persistence in the control of insects in the soil and in early foliar plagues.

The exclusive Sedaxane molecule, from the chemical group of the Carboxamides, effectively controls the Rhizoctonia fungus. It has a systemic control with ascending and descending mobility, providing persistence in all the root and aerial area. It also has the capacity of articulating genes that improve root development, producing healthy and strong roots from the start.


  • Both fungicide and insecticide action in one product.
  • Modern formulation, it dries quickly without release.
  • Rapid and uniform surfacing that does not affect the PG in the seed.
  • The Sedaxane molecule provides excellent control for rhizoctonia.
  • Stronger and healthier roots with a Rooting power effect.
  • Barley
  • Wheat
4 bottles each of 5L
Application Rate
200-250 ml/100 kg of seeds