It combines a bacterial inoculant formulated under osmoprotective technology (TOP) with a last generation therapeutic seed herbicide, with high control range and excellent compatibility with microorganism survival.


3 blister of 2 L each Rizoliq Top
3 bottles de 1 L each Maxim Evolution

Application Rate
    150 mL /50 kg of seeds

This combination ensures that the root of the germinated seed be infected quickly, in this way accelerating the process of Biological Fixation of Nitrogen.

Liquid inoculant
Rizoliq Top

Is an inoculant that promotes high metabolic and physiological performance of microorganisms on the seeds.

Seed Treatment
Maxim Evolution

A systemic and contact fungicide used for the integral treatment of the soybean seed. It combines three active principles: Fludioxonil 2,5 g + Metalaxyl-M 2,0 g + Tiabendazole 15 g.