A premium offer that combines the maximum existing bio induction technology and the integral protection of the seed (fungicide and insecticide).


3 bladder de 2 L each Signum
3 bottles de 1 L each of Maxim Integral

Application Rate
    150 mL /50 kg of seeds

Insures excellent compatibility between the products of chemical origin and the ones of biological origin, optimising each of their performances. Guarantees a more effective nodulation, greater Biological Fixation of Nitrogen -even in conditions of abiotic stress- and the health of the seed and the crop in its initial stages.

Liquid inoculant

Is an inoculant with bio-induced technology. It promotes the Biological Fixation of Nitrogen, even in stressful abiotic situations.

Seed Treatment
Insecticide / Bio-fungicide
Maxim Integral

A Fungicide and an Insecticide, it combines four active principles: the fungicides Fludioxonil 2,5 % +  Meltalaxyl-M 2% + Tiabendazole 15% + the insecticide Tiametoxan 35 %.