Plant protection

Longer and More Efficient Protection


We developed a seed treatment of biological origin for wheat, barley and soybean that enables a better control of diseases with less impact on the environment. This biotechnology has proven to be a very efficient alternative to chemical products in the control of phytopathogenous fungus.

Terapicos rizoderma

Its formulation is completely biological, based on the Trichoderm harzianum 2 (TH2) strain, selected for its effectiveness to combat the development of the most important diseases found in winter cereals, such as Fusarium graminearum, Bipolaris sorokiniana y Drechslera tritici repentis that inhabit the soil and the seed.

In the case of soybean, it efficiently controls diseases of the comocercospora kikuchii, phomopsis y fusarium spp seed.

The great natural benefits of the Trichoderma harzianum 2 reside in its rapid growth and strong colonising power. This provides it with an important advantage in competing for space and nutrients with the pathogen fungus in plants. But it has broader power because it also provides a vigor effect that helps in the fortification of seedlings during the germination and surfacing process.

Residual Power

The bio-fungicide combines a triple action mode that inhibits the possibility of generating resistance, through the natural blocking off pathogen development. In this way surpassing the known performance parameters of residual power.

When Trichoderma harzianum 2 strains are applied to the seeds, there is rapid growth accompanied by root development of the treated seedlings, which compete with the phytopathogens for nutrients and space within the rhizosphere.
The fungus present in the formulation of the bio fungicide is developed around the pathogen and on its surface. This allows it to go inside it and feed itself from it.
The Trichoderma harzianum 2 segregates a great amount of antibiotic substances and metabolites that inhibit the parasitical activity of the pathogens, not allowing the development and reproduction of the pathogen.


Main Benefits
  • Formula is 100% biologically friendly with the environment.
  • Stops plague resistance.
  • Greater residual power.
  • Provides effective vigour.
  • Safe for worker.

Green Group

The task was carried out in partnership with the Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and Zoology of INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology) of the region of Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is part of a new generation of “Green” seed treatments used to control the environmental impact of seed diseases from its surfacing state.

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