Liquid fertilizer used in the application of Zinc in the treatment of rice, maize, wheat and sorghum seeds.

It corrects the deficiency of zinc from the start, favorably impacting the growth of the root and the aerial part of the plant. In this way, it promotes the early growth of plants and better crop yields.

It is compatible with seed treatment of biological origin and chemical synthesis, and exponentially complements the action of the micro granulated fertilizer Microstar PZ, which is applied in the sowing line.

Importance of Zinc:
Zinc is an important micronutrient and its available in the soil can be affected by factors such as early sowing, low organic matter, ambiences of high productivity, thick textured soils and calcareous grounds with a PH of over 7.

Main Functions of Zinc:
It acts in the production of meristematic enzymes, important for the growth of the plant. Its activity is linked to the production of growth regulators, as it participates in the synthesis of Tryptophan (precursor of Auxins).

  • Excellent behavior in the coverage of the treated seed.
  • Optimum Viscosity Value: allows for the fluidity of the product in the different type of cereals
  • Very good stability in concentrated suspensions.
  • Early correction of Zinc deficiency, impacting on root and aerial development, early growth and crop yield.
  • Barley
  • Corn
  • Rice
  • Sorghum
  • Wheat
Drums of 5 L.
Application Rate
Rice 200 – 350 mL
Wheat/Barley 200 – 300 mL
Corn 200 – 350 mL
Sorghum 200 – 300 mL