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Is a Long Life Inoculant (LLI) that allows for the seed to be treated -alongside fungicides and insecticides- up to 60 days before the sow.

This novel generation of microbiological technology ensures greater survival of the bacteria on the soybean seed, nodular dry mass production, Biological Nitrogen Fixation, and high compatibility with seed-applied chemicals. 

The LLI (Long Life Inoculant) Technology formulation allows the company to produce seed treatments on an industrial scale and in combination with different chemical products. The result is a "ready-to-use seed," which is a highly significant solution for simplifying sowing operations. 

Elite must be used in combination with the bacteria protector, Premax, to maximize the survival of the bacteria.

  • Enables the concept of a "Ready-to-Use (RTU) Seed"
  • Improves environmental risk management and reduces seed damage
  • Provides better compatibility with chemical fungicides and insecticides
  • Allows exact dosage, resulting in the use of precise amount of products
  • Ensures uniformity on the seed, thus, improved seed application quality
  • Stimulates greater Biological Nitrogen Fixation
  • Improves yield potential
  • Soybean
8L Bladder of Elite + 1L Bladder of Premax
Application Rate
4 mL/kg of seed Elite + 1.4 mL/kg of seed Premax